The platform uses collapsable side bars to maximise work area and allow for future content needs.

The IP Platform is the worlds leading intellectual property management platform service. I had the pleasure of working with some very talented developers and product managers to modernise the user experience and interface of The IP Platform and some key apps. We work with the head of product and CTO to produce the future vision for the platform and map out the changes to the interface to reach that vision.
Wire framing, low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes were produced for all aspects of the IP Platform. The wire framing informed the UI design system which was built to assist teams building apps that populate the IP Platform.
Links to our prototypes and design system:

One of many wire framing sketches to map out the user flows.

The design system is built on the Atomic Design principal where elements are built into more complex components as a basis for all functionality. An approvals presentation was created for a series of senior leadership and executive presentations. The final assists were then output via a Sketch to InVision workflow using the Craft plugin. This allowed all specifications to be pulled directly from our prototypes and components pages via the inspect function found in InVision. Allowing for a seamless transition between design and development with little to no variance in the final render of the designs.
Sample screens of the IP Platform support centre

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