My philosophy on design
Design is a process of creating empathy with the user's/consumer's situation and using this to drive a tangible effective solution. Testing your assumptions then iterating to improve your solution. What makes a good designer in my opinion is the ability to embrace the need for iteration early on in the process and seek critical feedback to improve the solution. Repeating the most constructive part of the design lifecycle in a continuous loop.
Creating empathy also requires an inquisitive mind. The ability to dig deep into a scenario and find the pain points that are causing friction. This has always been my strength as a designer and often has resulted in entrepreneurial ideas and concepts. 
What am I looking for and what I can offer
I'm looking for a platform for ideas. A place where innovative ideas that implement emerging tech are welcomed. Where putting resources behind building something out of the ordinary is common place. Don't get me wrong the daily briefs of UX design work is fun but when I discover a world beating idea that could change an industry I want to be able to implement it via my employer instead of creating my own start up and struggling through on ramen noodles for the first year. I want to be your intrapreneur ! 

Am I a good fit for your team?
It's a long way to the top